Adding an assessment script to a lab task

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As a course author, you can use special scripts that automate checking the implementation of learning tasks by students. For example, with a script you can check that a file was created by the student, or a user added, and so on.


To add a script to automatically assess that a student has implemented a task step:

  1. Log in to your SIT Alemira Virtual Lab account.

  2. Click Labs.

  3. Open the lab for which you need to add assessment criteria.

  4. Open a task and a step you need to add the assessment criteria to.

  5. Click Add pass criteria manually and then click Script based.

  6. Click the top facing arrow to expand new_script and click Edit.mceclip0.png

  7. Specify the following parameters:

      • Script name — enter a short descriptive name for the script.

      • Script type — select the type of script (bash, powershell, or python).

      • Command-line arguments — command-line arguments to pass to the script.

      • Virtual machine — select the VM the script to run on.

  8. Paste the script text into the code field and specify the file name. 

  9. Click Save changes.


To check that a file exists in the environment (for example, when a student needs to download an application file at one of the lab steps), you might use the following script:

$path = "path\to\file"
if ([System.IO.File]::Exists($path)) {
} else {

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