Configuring a program

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To configure a program in SIT Alemira Open edX LMS, you need to complete these steps:

  1. Create a program

  2. Assign the created program to an Enterprise Customer to make it available only for users belonging to this Enterprise Customer (if it is applicable to your organization)

Creating a program

To create a program:

  1. Log in to the Discovery Service Administration panel.

  2. Open Course metadata > Programs (you can find the menu at https://{tenant}

  3. Click Add program. Populate the following fields with data:

    • Title — the name of the program.

    • Subtitle — the subtitle of the program.

    • Status — the status of the program.

    • Type — the program type.

    • Partner — the program partner.

    • Banner_image — the program banner.

    • Marketing_slug — a shot description for marketing statistics collection. It not specified, it is assigned automatically.

    • Specified order — if this check box is selected, students must pass courses from the program strictly in the order they are listed. If the check box is clear, students can take courses from the program in any order.

    • Courses — a set of courses to be included in the program.

    • Authoring organizations — the organizations that provide the program.

  4. Click Save and continue editing. The form with the enabled Selected course runs, Included course runs and Excluded course runs lists will be displayed.

  5. In the Selected course runs field, arrange the courses in the order they should be in the program.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Save the ID of the added program to use it in the next procedure.

Note: It is recommended to apply Refresh Programs Cache (in Enterprise Support > Enterprise customer programs) to avoid displaying archived courses with programs.

Bear in mind that by edX design this refresh action ends with an error displayed. It is a known issue. Metadata will be refreshed regardless the error displayed.


Assigning the program to an Enterprise Customer

To assign the created program to an Enterprise Customer:

  1. Open the SIT Alemira Open edX LMS Administration panel (Site Administration) and go to Enterprise Support > Enterprise Customer Programs (the menu is located at https://{tenant}

  2. Click Add Enterprise Customer Programs and specify these parameters:

    • Enterprise customer — select the Enterprise Customer for which to add the program.

    • Program uuid — specify the saved identifier of the created program.

  3. Click Save.

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