Setting up course sorting order

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By default, courses that have been completed by a student and courses with the end date in the past are displayed at the end of the course list. Order, in which running and not complete courses are displayed, is configurable.

You can configure courses to be displayed to students in a specific order: for example, to display the courses of the current semester at the top of the list. To implement such sorting, special tags are used.

The following tags are pre-configured when you add a course:

  • General, it has the highest priority.

  • Semester1, it has the second priority.

  • Semester2, it has the lowest priority.

General filters out the Master Thesis and Masters Program General Information courses.

Semester2 filters out the courses of the second semester that are as follows:

  • Agile Leadership and Strategic Management

  • Architectural Strategy

  • Capstone project

  • Data Science

  • Dynamic Analysis and Machine Learning

  • Product Design, Portfolio Management and Analytics

Semester1 filters out the following courses of the first semester:

  • Capstone Project Sit+CP102+2020_T1

  • Cyber Protection Sit+CP101+2020_T1

  • Organizational Behavior and Industrial-Organizational Psychology Sit+OBP+2020_T1

  • Product vision, strategy, innovation and marketing Sit+PVSIM+2020_T1

  • Quality Engineering Sit+NC99+2020_T1

  • Software construction, software architecture and software engineering Sit+SCAE101+2020_T1

Adding a sorting tag for an existing course

You can add a tag to a course that has been created, which will enable displaying this course to students with other courses sorted in the configured order.

To add a tag to an existing course:

  1. Log in to SIT Alemira Studio.

  2. Navigate to your course.

  3. Open Settings > Advanced Settings.

  4. Scroll down to the Other Course Settings section and add custom_tags parameters.

  5. Click Save Changes.



Specifying a sorting tag for a new course

You can specify a tag (or tags) by which to filter a course to display to students when adding a new course.

  1. Log in to SIT Alemira Studio.

  2. Click + New Course.

  3. Scroll down to the Custom Tags field and select a tag (or tags) to apply to the course.

The course will be displayed to students according to the order that is set by the tag. If several tags are selected, sorting will be applied according to the tag priorities.

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