Modifying content of a running course

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You can make a number of changes to a running course, some of them affect a user’s progress, some do not. Read below the details on what restrictions exist in edX by design.

Allowed changes

The following changes do not affect users’ progress and scores:

  • Correcting typos and similar smaller corrections.

  • Adding new units (which were not existing before).

Prohibited changes

The following changes affect users’ progress by decreasing the percentage of the passed material, even for users who have completed a course:

  • Modifying the existing content such as replacing videos, units, and tests.

  • Adding new sections.

If you want to apply such changes, you need to use the course re-run function. This function duplicates most of the course content to another course without changing the original course.

After a course is re-ran, it is independent from the original course and changes made to one course do not affect the other.

Re-running a course

To re-run a course in SIT Alemira Open edX Studio, you need to use the Export and Import functions:

  1. Log in to SIT Alemira Studio.

  2. Open your course and go to Tools > Export.

  3. Click Export Course Contents.

  4. Wait till the export completes and click Download Exported Course. Save the .tar.gz file locally.

  5. Create a new course to copy to it the original content and make changes.

  6. Open the created course and go to Tools > Import.

  7. Click Choose a file to import and select the .tar.gz file from step 4.

  8. Click Replace my course with the selected file. Wait till the import completes.

  9. Click View Updated Online.

Now you can modify your course and replace its content.

Additional information

For more detail on the courses re-run procedure, see "Re-running a Course" in the Building and Running an Open edX Course: Juniper Release edX guide.

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