Creating a coupon with discount

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You can create coupons to provide discounts to learners when they enroll for a course. To create of coupon of this type:

  1. Log in to the SIT Alemira Open edX e-commerce panel (at https://{tenant}

  2. Switch to the Coupons tab.

  3. Click Create coupon and fill in these fields:

  • Coupon name — name of your coupon, up to 30 characters.

  • Specify what the coupon applies to:

    • Single course — to a specified course. In this case, specify the course identifier in Course ID below.

    • Multiple courses — to a number of courses. In this case, specify a query for the needed set of courses in Query string and Seat Types.

    • Catalog — to a selected course. In this case, select a course from the drop-down catalog and specify Seat Types.

    • Program — to a program containing several courses. In this case, specify the program universally unique identifier. You can find UUID in Course metadata > Programs (the menu located at https://{tenant}

  • Code type — type of coupon. For purchasing access to the course with a discount: Discount code.

  • Category — category to which the coupon belongs.

  • Seat Type — the type of seat for the coupon that defines to what track to apply the coupon (for example, verified or professional). The selection is enabled when Course ID is specified.

  • Valid from and Valid until — the coupon validity period.

  • Email domains — a list of domains, comma-separated. Only users with email addresses belonging to these domains can use the coupon. If nothing is specified, users with any email domains can use the coupon.

  • Usage Limitations — how the coupon can be used:

    • Can be used once by one customer — a single usage by a customer.

    • Can be used once by multiple customers — a single usage per customer for multiple customers. In this case, specify Maximum Number of Uses.

    • Can be used multiple times by multiple customers — can be used multiple times. In this case, specify Maximum Number of Uses.

  • Note — If necessary, additional information about the coupon. It is visible on the coupon page in the coupon administration tool and in the .csv file for the coupon. It is not visible to learners.

  • Code — if necessary, your own discount code, 1 to 16 characters in length.

  • Number of codes — the number of discount codes.

  • Discount value — the amout of discount either as a percentage of the total course amount or as a sum in USD.

  • Client — company for which the coupon is created.

  • Invoice Type — if applicable, the type of invoice:

    • Already invoiced — if the coupon has already been invoiced. In this case, specify Invoice Number, Invoiced Amount and Payment Date.

    • Invoice after redemption — if the invoice is issued after the redemption. In this case, specify Discount per Code either in percentage or as an amount in USD.

    • N/A — not applicable.

  • Discount per Code — the percentage or USD amount of the discount.

  • Tax Deducted Source (TDS) — if tax deduction is applicable, the percentage of the course price that can be claimed.

  1. Click Create Coupon.


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