Creating multiple-choice problems with partial credit

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For multiple-choice problems with several correct options in the answer, it is possible to configure partial credit.

If the partial credit is not configured, by default there are only two possible ways to score:

  • the full score is given only if a student selects all correct options

  • a zero score is given if the student selects a part of correct options or incorrect options

To set partial credit for a problem, you need to apply the partial_credit attribute in the response choice settings.

Partial credit assumes getting a percentage of the full score. For example, if a problem has in total five correct options in the answer that give a score=1, and a student selects three correct options and one incorrect, the student still will get a partial score, which is less than 1.

There are two ways to configure the partial_credit attribute, EDC (Every Decision Counts) and points :

  • With the EDC value of partial_credit a student is given points calculated according to an internal algorithm. The student gets higher points for each correct option in the answer and lower points for each incorrect option.

  • With the points value of partial_credit each correct answer is assigned an exact point (a percentage of the total score for the problem).

Configuring EDC partial credit

One of the ways to apply partial credit is using the EDC (Every Decision Counts) value of the partial_credit attribute (partial_credit="EDC").

  1. Log in to SIT Alemira Studio as an instructor.

  2. Open your course, go to Content > Outline and open the necessary section.

  3. Click + New Unit.

  4. In the Add New Component section, click Problem.

  5. Select Multiple Choice.

  6. Click Edit.

  7. In the editor, click Advanced editor and confirm your selection.

  8. In the editor, enter the problem selection of answer checkboxes using the following pattern:

<choiceresponse partial_credit="EDC">


    <choice correct="false">Option A</choice>

    <choice correct="false">Option B</choice>

    <choice correct="false">Option C</choice>

    <choice correct="true">Option D</choice>

    <choice correct="true">Option E</choice>



  1. Click Save.

To check the problem from the student’s perspective, click Publish and click View Live Version. If several (but not all) correct options are selected, the student gets a partial grade for the problem. If some wrong options are selected along with correct ones, the student gets a lower partial grade than when only the same part of correct options is selected.

Example of a problem configuration:


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