Setting up a certificate for a course

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(!)To support issuing certificates, a course must have the following configuration:

  • The course mode (course track) must be "honor". Contact your support specialist at SIT Alemira if you need such a configuration. The administrator settings for certificates are described in Configuring course certificates.
  • The course must have at least one graded section. See Grading.
  • It is recommended to set the course Certificates Display Behavior to“early_with_info”. See Configuring advanced certificate settings.

To set up issuing course certificates please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to LMS Administration Panel (
  2. Navigate to Course Modes (Course modes -> Course modes)
  3. Add a new course mode by using the button "Add Course mode +".
  4. Enter the following information
    1. Course - Enter course ID or select a course through the search icon.
    2. Mode - Set course mode (enrollment track) to "honor". If chosen mode is different the certificates can not be added.
    3. Display Name - The course name.
    4. Price - Set price if applicable.

  5. Navigate to Certificates -> Certificates templates.
  6. Click the "Add Certificate Template" button:

  1. Enter the following information
    1. Name - Name of the template
    2. Description - Short description of the template
    3. Template - Enter the contents of the template HTML file (you can copy if from an existing template, for example, “Acronis service provider” or "Acronis internal").
    4. Organization id - select from the list the organization that holds the course.
    5. Course key - Enter course ID
    6. Mode - Set to "honor". To enable certificate issuing.
    7. Is Active - Select the check box to enable the template.

  2. Log in to Studio (
  3. Choose the course to add a certificate and open it.
  4. From "Settings" choose "Certificates".
  5. Click the button "+ Set up your certificate".
  6. If necessary, edit the certificate details (the course title, number of signatures, and signature images).
  7. Click the button "Create".
  8. When you check the certificate, ensure to activate it to enable students to issue certificates.
  9. From "Settings" choose "Advanced Settings".
  10. Edit the following setting if needed.
    1. Certificates Display Behavior - Enter one of three options (end, early_with_info, or early_no_info.)
      1. end - The default is "end", which displays this certificate information to all students after the course end date.
      2. early_with_info - Display this certificate information to all students as soon as certificates are generated.
      3. early_no_info - Display only the links to passing students as soon as certificates are generated.

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